Solutions...Not Just Software®

Privately-held Chicago-Soft, Ltd., develops and markets productivity and management software for mainframe, Windows and web-based corporate systems. In the simplest terms, Chicago-Soft's software helps computer programmers, systems analysts and network administrators manage their corporate system's operations in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Founded in 1982, Chicago-Soft has been responsible for several highly popular and widely respected products including MVS/QuickRef ®, the world's fastest on-line documentation and reference facility for programmers and operators, and NETSPY*, the world's leading MVS/VTAM performance monitor.

Small and specialized, the company has developed and continually enhances its product line with a strong reliance on customer input and feedback. In the case of MVS/Quick-Ref ®, the product database has evolved from an initial 40,000 lines of IBM reference information to a product with more than 12 million lines of documentation, including support for more than 500 products from over 50 major independent software vendors. A Windows-based, CD-ROM version for use in the client-server environment was introduced in 1994, with a web-based version introduced in 1998.

Historically, Chicago-Soft has introduced and managed several additional products. WinMiser and WinMiser Pro also were introduced for the PC market for users of Windows 3.X; and Dllagator was introduced in 1996 to help network administrators solve DLL conflicts among their users. In 1999, Chicago-Soft introduced Walls, a resource primarily focused at corporate clients who need stable application environments on their networks and with their users.

Continuously profitable since 1983, Chicago-Soft has more than 2,500 corporate clients in over 43 countries, including most of the Fortune 500 corporations.

*NETSPY is a trademark of Computer Associates